Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Corner View - Traditions

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My holiday traditions are probably much quieter than most of yours - especially those of you with small children.  When I am in town for Christmas, I meet a group of girlfriends for lunch and a movie.  No one has to clean or cook :-)  (This year, we're going to see Joy.)

Here are some photos of houses that Annie and I pass on our walks.  The owners clearly have their own holiday traditions.

                          Happy corner-viewing!


  1. I'm all for not cooking on Christmas day, and just celebrate togetherness - with family or friends or both.

  2. Hi! I didn't actually mean for the salad recipe to post. I was tired last night and fell asleep in the midde of writting. When I woke up I finished the post I was working on, but had forgotten I had written the salad recipe earlier in the week. I will copy your Url in the links on my page, however, I posted the question to everyon whether or not Corner View has run it's course. Since Francesca hasn't hosted the page I get you and maybe one other person from the group each week. A few others have loosely remarked over the last few weeks they want to participate, but then Wednesdays roll around and they don't show up. You can read my remarks on my page. I am going to be in and out of town between now and the new year, so I said if Corner View continued it would be after the New Year and that you would be posting. I think in my opinion though is that Corner View has died a slow dealth. Merry Christmas! My mom wants to go see the movie too as for me I am not sure!

  3. Thanks for the light show and visiting my blog.

  4. makes me think of a place here in a suburb, that is always LIT UP for the holidays, like i cannot begin to explain! i may pass by and make some pictures this year, when i get into the right frame of mind / mood.
    sounds good to me, girlfriends, booze, film... i mean, what more... ???? n♥

  5. This sounds like a fun Christmas tradition, thanks for sharing!

  6. Hope all went well with the end of your school semester! Kelleyn

  7. Hi Heather, I'm doing well, thanks. It's a bit quiet without the corner view..! Hope you're doing well too!
    Lovely regards Susanna