Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Corner View - Music

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I love this week's topic.  Music - what a wonderful thing!  And there are so many different types of music.  Yesterday, walking back from lunch, I enjoyed the music of singing birds.  Last night, I was lulled to sleep by the music of a gentle Spring rain. 

When I'm in a funk, I pop in Mika's CD, Life in Cartoon Motion, and my mood lifts immediately.  If I want to relax and slow things down, I pop in The Best of Sade.

There are also songs that remind me of a specific time and place - Red Red Wine always makes me think of a special first date, Morris Day and the Time and early Prince remind me of "parking" at Audubon Park :-) ... every Christmas season, I cry the first time I hear Band-Aid sing "Do they know it's Christmas?"  (And who can keep a dry eye when they hear the "Ballad Loch Lomond"?)

Sometimes a song will cause an unexpected reaction.  The other day, I was driving to work and heard "Rock Me Amadeus" - not a sad song, but it made me cry.  I had just heard that a friend had passed away and that song was popular when we met.   On the flip side, "Sweet Home Alabama", a song I detested when I lived in Alabama, now brings a smile to my face when I hear it.  (I still change the station when it comes on, but now I do so with a smile on my face.) 

Still, I think the best kind of music is the kind that celebrates life.   Here's the staff at the Ashnil Mara Camp dancing and singing to celebrate Debbie's 50th birthday.  

Happy corner-viewing!