Monday, December 12, 2011

I am a confirmed nerd.

I was having brunch with the Hip Chicks this weekend.  (We are the only ones who call ourselves that - in reality we are a bunch of Old Broads, but it was a joke name that stuck.  And, let's face it, wouldn't you rather be known as a Hip Chick than an Old Broad?) I was telling them about my recent trip to Africa.  One of my friends asked me what I bought.  When I explained that it was not that type of a trip, she asked, "But surely you brought yourself some of the wonderful beaded jewelry that Africa is famous for, right?"  I had to admit that, nerd that I am, I bought books - fiction and non-fiction about Kenya.  (See photo below.  I actually bought another book, but my travelling companion has it at the moment.)  This is my obsession.  I can't visit a place without buying books about it.  To me, it extends the vacation and brings back memories when I read about places I visit after the fact.    Do any of you do the same thing or am I a lone nerd?
p.s.  If you like the painting above my crooked lamp, visit the etsy shop of the lovely Irish artist Aisling Kiernan -


  1. you're not alone - my husband is just like you: he buys books about a place before, during and after a trip. I buy the beaded jewelry :) (it's a joke, though I did buy Inca-style earrings in La Paz).

  2. I would so much rather be called a nerd than a hip chick! Happily, I'm often called a nerd or a geek. I tend to buy teacups when I travel, not so much books, but I love books, libraries, crossword puzzles, word games, etc. So no, you are not alone in the nerd department :)

  3. I've been travelling in my mind mostly this past decade or so, and I haven't got any books to show for it (yet?)

    But I'd say it's a good thing to be nerdy like that. Books broaden your horizon, and, indeed, may spark memories of happy places you've been. Which is always a good thing!