Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Corner View - Before and After/Last, but not Least

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Before and after - this topic came at the perfect time as my college roommate was in town last week. 

Before:  Here we are in our dorm at the University of Montevallo in 1986 or 1987.  (The hairdos give away the decade, don't they??? And great quality photo from the "disk" cameras of the '80s.  Anyone else remember those?)

Jeanny is in the yellow sweater on the left. I am two over in the blue behind the girl in the pink.

After:  This was last Wednesday in Orlando - not a good one of me.  My "after" looks like I've been on a bender!!  (I only had ONE glass of wine - honest!)


Last, but not least, a photo of a nursing baboon...


  1. I am from that decade of hairdos too :) great pics!

  2. The '80 was already very special year. I grew up in them, and hairspray that time was also important to me. :) Where we have often used sugar water to attach the hair. :):):)

  3. all those the 80th people must have been watching how the monkey has her hair!! ;-)

  4. Love those 80 style hair crazy moments !

  5. wow, i didn't expect a baboon as last - what's the connection?:)

    1. No connection, but the baboon has better hair :-)

  6. your statement on accuratess is well accepted! ;)))
    your sense of humour is touching, you know.
    i think we'd have a blast, over a glass of wine. or two.

  7. Too funny! I don't miss my 80 style hair! Did you ever krimp your hair! I did!

  8. i was two or three years old then! but i do remember the ladies' hair. there is a photo of my mother with curly hair like that, while it is naturally straightish, and i remember wondering at the time just who the woman in the photo was - my mother or some mysterious look.alike.