Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Corner View - 5 Things About Me

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5 Things About Me:

(1)  I just got back from an amazing vacation in Italy. (See photos below.)
(2)  I am going back to school for a 2nd BA - this one in Humanities.  I submitted my application to my number one choice, Rollins College, tonight - please cross your fingers for me!
(3)  I have the sense of humor of a 13 year old boy.  I can make any statement "dirty."  I consider it a gift... but I don't think my friends fully appreciate my "gift" :-)
(4)  I've only been back from my vacation two weeks and I'm already planning my next one. (January 2015 - Thailand and Cambodia - any tips on either destination are welcome.)
(5) Even though I'm 45, I talk to my parents almost daily.

Sorry that I've been out of blogland for so long.  I was in Italy for almost 3 weeks.  The week before my trip, I had surgery.  I had my gallbladder removed.  Who knew such a useless organ could cause so much pain?!?  I was a sick girlie the two weeks before the surgery. (I am doing wonderfully now!)  So, that's where I've been.  This weekend, I plan to catch up on my blog reads and look forward to seeing what everyone's been up to recently!

Happy corner-viewing!

Elayne, Debbie and me - Amalfi Coast

Deb and me - Capri


Doge's Palace - Venice


Our last supper in Rome - with my cousin, Ian, and Lawrence