Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Corner View - in my closet

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The roommate has moved out and I have my craft room back... including one empty closet.  Oh, the possibilities!

And on an unrelated, but wonderful topic, look what else I have...

My very own Susanna 'Susi-Art' Redeker!  Thank you, Susi, I love it!

                                     Happy October and happy corner-vewing!


  1. Man, would I love an empty closet right about now!

  2. An empty cupboard makes ​​many people dream and myself included! I love the color of your walls! You have a beautiful snails art collection :)

  3. I love how the inside is painted too!

  4. Oh you have a wonderful drawing of Susi.

  5. how nice to see these connections among corner viewers!
    i see you have lots of crafting books, i hope you'll get to use your craft room a lot!

  6. Full of possibilities...that the way....can imagine it full of great creative things...

  7. Wow! That's a gorgeous color! What is it called?
    I have some of Susie's postcards and I rarely give them away; I love them so much! Terrific picture! :>)

  8. yey for that, heather! i mean on both occasions. a sprung extra space is always a joy, i find, because then i can commence to skip things around (which ususally knows a definite start and a blurry finish... and the dutch art... well, there it is! n♥