Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Corner View - Love in My Corner

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And they call it puppy love...

Happy corner-viewing!


  1. how come the pets always get the sofa?! :)

    1. They have to sit somewhere when they're not in the bed :-)

  2. What cuties! And what would we do without those quilts and throws?! My corner is similar to yours only I added cats to the dog mix (and a hubby).

  3. I have no sofa too...to dogs and no space for me...well just a little place in the middle.

  4. he he ... I am glad our dogs live outside :)

  5. Plenty of love in your corner :-D

  6. They look very comfortable! Our dog Wolfie used to sleep on the sofa too. He wasn't supposed to but he'd sneak up when we were in bed and we'd find him there in the morning - we gave up trying to stop him eventually! Now he is 15 his old legs just won't bounce him up there any more so he lies on a comfy rug on the floor - Karyn, Eliza's Dream :-)

  7. i don't think you have fallen off the face of the earth, because look see, there's love in your corner... thxs for reminding us, i'll now come look for ya and i'll bring some wine in the VW. righto. n♥