Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Corner View

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I spent Saturday at three of my favorite places in Orlando:

My Friday night class at Vajrapani center was moved to Saturday morning, so I started my day off there:

Then it was off to the library to do research for my other class.  This is the main library in Orlando.   While it may look like a prison from the outside, it's FABULOUS on the inside.

Then back home to relax....

with Mama cat (hee hee Nadine - I did it again!):

                Happy corner-viewing!


  1. why can't public buildings look nice from the outside too?! still, you're lucky to have a public library, despite its appearance :)

  2. Nadine doesn't looks so thrilled. Looks like you have been busy!

  3. mama cat isn't complaining, it seems. neither am i to see here a tender moment fulfilled. i'll bet the library is a heavenly place, i love the architecture, boombastic and clean, just the way a good library should be... ;))
    i didn't realize you eat vegan? well, like i said... it's starters for me, and already i've run out of time and ingredients to get fully hooked. it'll come to me, i'm sure. n♥