Tuesday, November 10, 2015

CV - Joy

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Joy is defined as "a condition of or feeling of great pleasure or happiness."  I have been trying to think of something joyful to post, but I am having some difficulty with that at the moment.  Please forgive me for being a downer, but I just learned today that my sweet dog, Maggie, has an aggressive bone cancer.  The poor girl lived in shelter for 12 years.  She finally gets a home of her own and a little over a year later, the big C.   


  1. There is a reason why they call dogs a mans best friend!

    Not sure if cornerview has died. I think you and I are the lone ones in this venture. Francesca visit, but she doesn't do corner view post and everyone else has scattered to the wind. I know a few have joined a drawing blog sight. Anyway, I will do it for a couple more weeks, but if don't get a few more joiners than I think it is time to face the reality that corner view has run its course. So sad!

    1. Kelleyn, Corner Viewers come and go, only very few are regulars. True, that number is shrinking as the blog world shrinks. Hard to know whether the trend will reverse back - but I believe Corner View should continue if it gives joy to those running it. When it stops doing that, then it has run its course.

  2. Oh no! It is hard not to view hers as a sad life, but despite the sickness, it is a life with a happy ending: she did find you and a home - and none too late.

  3. sorry to read this. that makes me sad too. I have a friend who is a cancer survivor and she just found out her dog has cancer too. She's actually created a 'bucket list' for her dog and they are ticking them off - making her days as joyous and comfortable for them.

    my CV is up...