Tuesday, November 17, 2015

CV- Leaves

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As I live in a warm climate without the dramatic colors of Autumn, my mom sends me colorful leaves from her yard every year.  (Except for this year - she forgot!!)  This one is leftover from last year.

Here is Hamish - hiding behind ferns and purple queens.

Following are trees from my walking route with Annie.

My office is a couple of blocks from this one - still green! 

Happy corner-viewing!


  1. personally, i'd love surroundings that are green and alive all year round! nice thought from your mom.

  2. That is so sweet of your mom do to that! What a great mom you have!

  3. i grew up with just 2 seasons - wet and dry. There were no drastic changes and explosion of color. I miss it sometimes but to see changes is a beautiful this.
    How sweet of your mummy to send colorful leaves.

  4. i smile, for whatever CV theme there will always be a cat somewhere in it, and i love you for that! n♥