Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Corner View - Holiday

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I am too busy trying to finish two classes to even think about the holidays or decorating the house.  I don't think I am going to even put up a tree this year. (Which is really the height of laziness as my tree is in a pot on the patio.  I just need to roll it into the living room and decorate it.  The shelf in the garage that held the ornaments fell down last week, so the ornaments are already unwrapped and all over the garage floor and yet I still cannot be bothered.  How's that for sheer laziness?? I should be ashamed.)  

So, back to theme at hand... one of my favorite songs from the '80s is Madonna's Holiday:


And here I am goofing around with my friend, Robin, imitating Madonna... 1984?? 1985?? What you can't see is that we are both wearing a lot of bracelets.  And my shoes?  They were black with a shiny purple paisley design.  (I loved those shoes!!  ALMOST as much as my blue and purple paisley tights.)

                Happy corner-viewing and happy holidays! Displaying Scanned File.jpg
Displaying Scanned File.jpg


  1. are you really going to deny your cats the joy of climbing up your Christmas tree and knocking down ornaments?? :)

  2. Love your interpretation of Holiday! Weren't the 80's fun! The kids of today are going to miss out as they really have no distinct fashion statement like us!

  3. loved that Madonna song!
    that's a very cool take on the theme.

  4. i know what you mean though, about not really being bothered. i've had years in which i had so much on my plate, it didn't feel worth its while. and anyway, it doesn't subtract to x-mas cheer, not putting that tree up...
    as i was a weekend away in a german tinsel town however, some of the glitter stuck to my shoulders, and my tree is up, since last night. i have to admit that this early? it's a first! at 50+, i'm getting there... ahem... n♥