Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day One - Introduction

Why do I want to write a blog?  Well, the answer to this question has evolved.  I originally considered it as I am re-opening my etsy shop in August and thought it would be a good marketing tool.  However, I am not in the marketing business nor am I a salesperson.  So, as I started checking out blogs, I was looking more for things and ideas I liked and looked more with my heart rather than my head.  (This is my MO which is why I have a very happy life filled with wonderful memories and spectacular plans, but no money.)  I became addicted.  It all started with Tiny Happy in New Zealand.  I feel a kinship with her.  Then I found the patchworkdress – who has (hopefully, only temporarily) stopped blogging.  Her photos of Loch Lomond brought back such happy memories of my trip to Scotland last year.  I still check her blog regularly in hopes that she comes back.  Before long, I had a regular host of blogs I check daily all over the world. Then I became aware of the weekly “corner view” appointment where bloggers from all corners of the world share their view on a pre-arranged theme.  That sealed it. I didn’t just want to look – I want to participate.
I love to travel and meet new people.  In reading the blogs of women in other parts of the world… it’s like a mini-vacation.    Reading the blogs, has also helped me to appreciate where I live and to better see local beauty, which I often take for granted.  I have started seeing my every day views with the eyes of a tourist.
So, instead of developing some brilliant business tool, I have added two other hobbies to my list – blog-stalker and bloggerwannabe.

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