Monday, July 4, 2011

Plaid and Thistle

I love three day weekends - especially when I am able to reserve one full day for myself at home.  Today was one of those glorious days.  The only time I left the house was early this morning when I took the dogs for a walk.  Once I got back, I took a shower, put on clean pajamas and hit the craft room where I spent the rest of the day sewing and watching movies.  I think that's how EVERY Monday should be spent!

I was fairly productive today.  I made three plaid drawstring bags embellished with cross-stitch thistles, one bag with dragonflies and one striped bag with checked ribbon.  The last bag ended up being too small for its intended use.  (Hmm... perhaps I should have pulled out the measuring tape before I started cutting and sewing?) 

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

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