Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Corner View - Passion

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Well, if we do this topic again, hopefully the restraining order will have expired and I will be in a passion-filled relationship with the Scottish actor James McAvoy... until then, I will share one of my "real" passions - Back to Nature Wildlife Refuge ("BTN").  I have always been an animal lover and supporter of animal rights.   When I first moved to Orlando, I discovered BTN and fell in love.   I do a lot of volunteer work and fundraising for them.  It is truly my passion.   Below are some of my favorites from over the years:

Swizzle - an Arctic silver-tailed fox

Zema - cougar
Calhoun - goat
Destiny - sheep

Kaya and Spencer - Arctic foxes
Makai - wolf


  1. Magnificient creatures, even when caged. Where do they come from? And you help nurture them back to health and return them to their natural habitat? Awesome!

  2. Oh, we share that animal passion! I was just thinking of starting to get involved into animal protection...guess this is what you really have to be passionated for.
    Wonderful animals! Good luck and success for your dedication!

  3. I have a passion for animals too! xo

  4. I understand that passion ;) Your engagement for BTN is a beautiful and useful work.

  5. LOL on the first part!
    Beautiful animals--how fortunate you are to be able to be a part of caring for them. Great passion to have! :>)

  6. A wonderful passion, and very fulfilling work, I imagine.
    I have a deep passion for animals too. Cats in particular seem to find me wherever I live and of course I take them in!

  7. what a beautiful animal, McAvoy ;-)
    I trully admire your engagment. The wolf and the cougar are splendid.

  8. I love Sophie's comment above :)
    It makes me sad to see such beautiful animals in cages, but knowing that there are people taking care of them with love and passion makes all the difference!

  9. of course, for abvious reasons, i feel partial to wo(o)lf. impressive passions!
    restraining order and macavoy... mhm... it has me puzzled.... ;)))