Wednesday, November 9, 2011

CV - Home Sweet Home

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As much as I love to travel, I must agree with Dorothy, "There's no place like home."  Below is a photo of one of my favorite areas of my home. I call it my reading nook.  The dated, but very comfortable, chair and ottoman were thrift store finds - $15 for the pair.  The little chest, which is the perfect height for a cup of tea while in the chair, was free.  (I picked it out of my neighbor's trash and re-did it.) 

Now, I need to go sit in it and read - book club meeting is this Friday and I still have 200 pages to go.  Oops!

I am going on vacation and will miss the next two Corner Views.  I'd like to wish the American-corner-viewers a happy Thanksgiving and everyone else a happy November 24th!


  1. How nice to be able to dedicate an area just to reading. Have a great vacation.

  2. A reading chair is something special. I love books and read comfortably is something great.
    I wish you a safe journey (where are you getting?).

  3. reading is like traveling from a ... chair and ottoman! :)
    if you don't post again before your departure, happy holiday and traveling again!

  4. looks like the best comfy cozy corner to enjoy a favorite book ! or in my case maybe to crochet ;) and at $15 ! wow that was a good deal !
    Enjoy your vacation !

  5. i love a good reading chair !!! your chair and table and reading corner look wonderful !!

    here is mine ...

  6. Reading chairs are a must-have.

    (Kenya, look out, here she comes!)


  7. so? are you reading anything african, in your overly cozy nook? you got me intrigued, can't decipher the title from here...
    thrifted for 15, that comfortable set? oh my gosh!!!
    happy, safe travels to you, wandering woman!!!! come back with tales to tell...

  8. I love your chair and ottoman. It looks like a fabulous spot to sit and read. I have a similar chair - bought for $5 off Trademe. It has no springs in the seat and people always find it very hard to get out of once they get in - but I love it!