Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Corner View - Out with the old and in with the new...

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Well, I had hoped to have these finished by now... My goal for 2012 is to complete projects that have been on my "to do" list much too long.  For example, I bought the fabric to recover these chairs about 4 years ago and I am just now getting around to re-doing them.  Hopefully, by the next corner view I will have six completed chairs and can move on to the patio and dangling "white trash" screen!

p.s. If you think the chairs are loud now, wait until I get the seats on with the new fabric :-)

Happy 2012 to you all!


  1. good goal for this coming year!
    i don't think the chairs are bright, your door on the header is bright as well, if it is your door it will go very well with the chairs, happy bright colors!

  2. Yeah, that's a great change! Love the colour! Happy colourful 2012!

  3. you should see it this way: 4 years ago you invested in fabric to cover your chairs in 2012! Good thinking! :)

  4. I'm with francesca. planning ahead it's called ;)

  5. I like the color of chairs very much. And I am very curious to see after all you finished the work. It will be gorgeous I think..

  6. Wowsers! Can't wait to see them when you're done!

  7. wow ... that's a nice color. look forward to seeing them finished :)

  8. They look fun! Can't wait to see your finished chairs!!!

  9. The fun of this long-stretched project!

    Knowing this is the type of project you'll finish one year or another, you can think of it often, milling it over in your head, rejoicing in your choice of fabric, the lovely color of the chairs.

    Of course, when they're done, you'll enjoy them even more. But there is so much fun in the process of redecorating them, inside your head and out.

    (Forget time. It's not relevant.)