Sunday, July 8, 2012


Look what recently arrived at my house from Beth's house:

I was so excited to see the Corner-to-Corner package, but not nearly as excited as I was when I opened it and found this gorgeous fuschia stole, which has "Heather" written all over it:

Also enclosed was a bar of handmade blackberry scented soap that smells good enough to eat:

There was also a lovely Amish star ornament, which is pefect as I have an Amish barn star in my living room and Amish-style star pulls in my kitchen.

Thank you so much Beth!


  1. Great gifts and so good of you to share them with us!


  2. Hi dear Heather, you are very lucky that you have such a good friend.. I like your stole so so much. It is amazing. You may wear it on warm summer nights. I also like Amish ornaments so much..:) I have one or two in my home too..
    All best wishes and happy happy days..