Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Corner View - "Oh my... this is horrible!"

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I must confess. I have a fear of driving over bridges.  I thought it was an irrational fear until I saw this last month in Memphis.  Note that there are no barricades  at the end of the unfinished portion of the bridge... Oh, my!!!


  1. No barricades?!!! Scary! Sheesh!

  2. I don't like walking on a bridge because I feel dizzy. By car, okay, it doesn't bother me (except on major viaducts). Good luck for the new bridge!

  3. Me too! They totally freak me out! Their is this one bridge in South Carolina that gives me a total panic attack when I drive over it. It is one of those that looks like a McDonalds arch practically.

  4. so, heather?
    i gather there is a NO ENTRY sign on the other side, right?
    somehow the film SPEED pops to mind... hee hee...

  5. Looks like fun! Wheeeeee......