Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Corner View - Games

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Well, I thought I had photos of the actual games... but this is from the Orlando Highland Games.  A great time to watch guys in skirts throw heavy things and talk with a brogue... okay, it's more of a drawl in Florida, but a girl can pretend, can't she?
If that's not your thing, what about kitty games?
Or what about love?  It's often called a game.
Happy corner-viewing!


  1. Of course a girl can pretend ;)
    Nice games and photos!!

  2. What terrible giraffe kiss! Great :)

  3. not sure about guys in skirts to be honest, even when they throw heavy things ... i mean, i'm all for traditions, but i used to date a scotsman, and some of the verve did go away when I saw him wear a "skirt" :)

  4. great take on the theme.
    your highland games picture reminded me of Patrick Dempsey in Maid of Honor.

  5. Such a variety of games! Brilliant!

  6. Cute post! Never been to the highland games, but it is something I am game for! Hope you have a happy valentines day!

  7. Love the photos...Never have thought about highland games without rain ;)