Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Corner View - Things that begin with "L"

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Lynx Lymmo, which is a free downtown bus service that takes us to....


Lawyers (two of the lawyers at my new firm - Sam andPenelope).

Lastly and sadly, Loss.  RIP Molly Monster - 03/97-02/19/13.
Sorry to end on a sad note, but my heart is broken.  She was such a good girl and was my near constant companion for almost 16 years.


  1. Oh Heather, sending a big hug your way.

  2. I'm so sorry. I hope you have many good memories and photos. And I think you'll never forget her.

  3. I am so sorry to hear your loss. She must have had a good life with you!

  4. Sorry to read about your loss. I know losing a pet of almost 16 years is difficult.

  5. Our pets are such a huge part of our lives and losing one is incredibly tough. Lifting you up.

  6. Sorry you loss your puppy! How sad!

  7. Sorry about your loss.
    My post is about loss too but I didn`t say it, the story that goes with the photos is about remembering a friend who passed away, but whose love I feel still in the little over a year that passed.
    Thank you for sharing this collection of L`s from your life.

  8. It's always traumatic when you lose a family pet :-( I bet you have lots of fond memories though

  9. I'm so sorry for you Heather... I know what you feel.... I'm sure you keep lots of good memories of her.

  10. Oh, Heather, I'm so sorry. The pet thing IS heartbreaking - it's as if we, as humans, feel we could somehow have prevented this loss.

    Sending you a big big hug from a cold cold nook of the world (where my warm warm heart is still beating for the cats I've lost over the years.)