Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Corner View - Hair

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The Leu Gardens Annual plant sale was last weekend.  Lucky me, we ran into Elayne's spinning instructor, Joe.    I told him about Corner View and this week's topic and he kindly offered to pose for me.  Is that some hair or what??

Off topic, Elayne bought a nautilus begonia.  Isn't the pattern of the leaves wonderful? 
  Happy corner-viewing!  


  1. Joe's hair is beautiful, and - judging from the photo - maybe it's because of all the herbs he eats ! :)

  2. Amazing hair - more like a magnificent mane I'd say.

  3. Awesome! Can I tell you a secret? I don't have this hairstyle after my appointment with the hairdresser :-D ;-)

  4. how kind of him ... very nice hair and yes that pattern is really wonderful.

  5. He is perfect for this CV!
    So are your pictures... Have a nice day.

  6. hee hee, heather!
    bring 'em over, i'll draw his coiffure!!

    1. You'll need more than one pencil!

  7. Perfect! Hair and nature, hair in nature, as nature!!
    Beautiful too how life and blog connect, bringing Joe in to CV!!

  8. Whoah! That's a lot of hair!
    The leaves look like a snail curling on it. They also remind me of elephants' ears (the animal elephant, not the plant).
    Great post!

  9. Hi my dear friend Heather, Your very beautiful blog and you very sweetheart friend..:))
    Thank you very much.. And all best wishes again..:))