Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Corner View - Shadows

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Yesterday at lunch, I walked to Lake Eola for this week's corner view topic. I thought I would be able to get a swan with its shadow and perhaps a heron or two.  However, it was a warm day and all of the birds were in the water or lounging under a shade tree... the only exception being this little ibis... who did not leave much of a shadow:

On my way back, I saw the lovely shadow of this tree as well as their reflection in the building behind:

I have to share a couple of off-this-week's-topic Spring photos.   This is on the perimeter of Lake Eola Park:

These irises are on the side of the building in which I work:

Until we meet again, good-bye!

Happy corner-viewing!


  1. Hello Heather's Shadow! Isn't it nice that the sun is out again?

  2. What a beautiful iris! I've never seen one with that coloring. Thanks for sharing!

  3. i couldn't find a shadow outdoors either, but that's because of the lack of sun! :(

  4. The little shadow of the bird is so cute! It`s fun to take an outing for a Corner View, and to be open to what happens!
    A shadow of me waves smilies back to yours!!

  5. I've always liked the shadows made by trees! The reflection in the building is great! It's something that I don't see too often.

    1. A nice walk in lights and shadows