Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Corner View - Wine

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One of the many great things about having a roommate is that my little wine rack is now full.

And it's fun to have someone to work on emptying the rack... even on a Tuesday night.

In Italy this summer, the four Floridians rented a car and rode off into the Tuscan countryside.  (The two Brits decided not to join us.  I guess a carload of Americans is rather daunting.)   Wouldn't you know?  We ended up - totally by accident - at a winery owed by a FLORIDIAN!

Happy corner-viewing!


  1. unfortunately (for us) the best Tuscan countryside is owned by foreigners (americans, germans and english) ... they like the Tuscan sun :)

  2. Sounds like a fun trip and yes, I would think that a carload of Americans might be a little intimidating :)

  3. Romantic as from a movie :)
    After an accident in Tuscany landed on a vineyard. Well, nothing happened. But once there, I would also like to land.

  4. wait a minute!
    you were in europe this summer! wine tastery galore!!
    cheers for the cheers, heather!

  5. I'd love to stroll in the vineyards in Tuscany! ...and also have a small tasting from time to time ;)

  6. A full wine rack is a happy thing. And having a friend to empty it with ... even more so!

  7. Thats fun! I love those kind `accidents`,like how you found Florida in Italy!!

    PS I sent your DVD! Enjoy it ...with a glass of wine?!Or in any way you find comforting...

  8. how fun ... cheers:)

  9. sounds like a lof of fun going to Tuscan. and all the way there you meet somebody from florida...welll the world is small!
    and by the look of it it is also great fun to have a nice roommate!

  10. Love those kind of accidents....looks a great trip!