Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Corner View - Adult "Blankie"

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Children carry security blankets (a/k/a blankies).  My adult version of the "blankie" is my Daytimer (a/k/a old school calendar).  I have been teased incessantly over the last 15 years for clinging to my Daytimer.  However, I have worked in a field fueled by deadlines for over 22 years and have NEVER missed a court, client or other deadline.  I also keep personal dates in it - birthdays, anniversaries, vacations, classes.    The only drawback is that if I accidently leave it at home or at work, I have to go back and get it - not for fear of missing a deadline, but for psychological reasons :-)

So here it is at the office in "day mode" - the gray spiral behind it is the 2014 calendar insert.

And here it is closed and ready to go home.

And when my Daytimer and I got home, we were greeted by a lovely surprise - a beautiful postcard of a butterfly from Nadine, our own Tiny Wolf!

Santa wanted to read the note, so here it is on his table :-)

Happy corner-viewing!


  1. My husband had one of these for many years until he went digital. He was very relisgious about writting everything in it! It drives him crazy that i never write anything down, but yet I am never late and hardly forget an appointment.

    1. I have to write EVERYTHING down or it won't get done... this has gotten markedly worse with age :-)

  2. My husband goaded me into going to a digital calendar at some point this year and I've given it a try. However, I'll be going back to my old-fashioned hand-written calendar for 2014!

    1. I admire you for trying :-) It makes me feel better that there are at least 2 of us!

  3. i don't seem to be able to use either a digital planner/calendar, or a paper one, so, sadly, i've been known to miss a few things now and then :(
    as a new year resolution, i'll get into the habit of using one - let me just pencil that in ... somewhere :)

  4. I love your interpretation. My husband swore by his when he was in business. He did eventually switch to his Blackberry given to him by his company. Now he's back to jotting things down in a small notebook(his blackberry stayed with the co. after he retired.)

  5. :)))
    LOVE it, i mean, your planner (it is, isn't it?) and i wish i had the audacity, you know? because i do forget important meetings sometimes and it does kill me. so, i take a bow, i do.
    {glad i found you there... a butterfly's wing on your table, now i wish you a festive holiday season!}