Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Corner View - Hobbies and a hearty thank-you to Joanne

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Hobbies... there was a character in a book I read who collected them.  I can relate!  I like to do a number of crafts - cross-stitch, crochet, knit, paint, sew.  I also like to play the piano, garden, travel, read.  I'm not necessarily good at any of it, but I enjoy it all and that's what's important.  It's the process, not the product that counts to me :-)

Not too long ago, I received a DVD from Corner-View's own JGY a/k/a Joanne.  It was an inspirational short film (or rather two interwoven films) reminding the viewer to enjoy the dance that every day brings.  My roommate and I watched it together and were both inspired.

Thanks, Joanne!

Happy Corner-Viewing!


  1. Replies
    1. It's not a pretty sight - even my dogs leave the room when I start dancing :-)

  2. Hobbies are a good thing to have! I haven't cross-stiched since I was a child, but I remember loving to do it!

  3. Lovely cross-stitch bird and cute Christmas tree!

  4. You must never be bored with all these hobbies!
    Your horse & love story made ​​me laugh :)

  5. plenty! heather!
    and i find your cross-stitch is cute, that birdie is lovely!
    it is not an old fashioned thing, in fact i do believe it's situated onthe revival side, is it not?

  6. this is great! i like what you say ... it's the process!

  7. You seem like you just have fun no matter what you're doing! cross stiching is so romanntic... I always think of princesses doing that in the old times with their ladies in waiting...

  8. loads of nice hobbys!! and dancing is a hobby too!! i also love to dance!
    well, dance into the new year!

  9. That's right, it's important that it's fun. So hobbies should be. A reason to rejoice.

  10. Hi Heather, Thank you so much and you`re welcome!! I love finding the post here, sorry to be late to the viewing! Its so sweet to see the Nataraja screen in the room with your love-filled pink glow and Christmas tree. I am so glad you and your roommate could watch together and find inspiration from the video. Happy dancing through your days in 2014! With Love ♡(and sorry if this comment comes up 3 times, I keep trying to post it but its not going through:))