Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Corner View - Taste

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I spent last weekend at home studying material and writing papers for my class, The Vietnam Experience.  As a treat and a sensory pick-me-up, I got take-out tofu panang from  a local Thai restaurant.  The spices woke me up and helped motivate me.  (Panang is one of my favorite things in life... I could eat it three meals a day, seven days a week.)

Another favorite taste - veggies fresh from the garden.  Not a large yield, but enough for a small tasty salad.

And another off topic photo of Harry... just because he's so darned cute!

Happy corner-viewing!


  1. Yum the tai dish looks so delicious, I am looking at it while thinking of what to make tonight !!! Will see if I can look it up and do a variation!!
    Also I hope to finally get back to CV this week with a taste post, after dinner!!
    ♡PSthanks to your mom for the theme:))

  2. You really got me going! I am going to try this recipehttp://www.yummly.com/recipe/Panang-Tofu-Curry-Epicurious
    A little adventure now in the rain to go out and find Cocunut milk!!

  3. I'm sure the salad made with your vegetables will be tasty.
    Your kitten is definitely cute!

  4. If I remeber, Panang is very hot isn't it? have to try it again, I usually choose green curry stuff which is rather mild and oh yes, Harry is cute :)

  5. Harry is cute! Would love the recipe minus the Tofu! Can't seem to love Tofu!

  6. i never had panang, can you imagine? i will google it, and see if i can make an italian panang :)

  7. hee hee, that kitty...!
    i agree with your choice of tastes; also,
    the few blocks you suggested have been walked, if the rain has let up in the meantime, meet you at the corner of the street after lunch! n♥