Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Corner View - Gift

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I am very close to my parents, but sadly we don't live close.  (It's a 14 hour drive.)  As we don't get to see each other often, we are forever sending boxes of things back and forth.  This week's parcel:

What is in the kitten mugs, you ask?  New panties.  Only my mother would send me mugs of panties :-)  (Of course, one of my packages to them included a baggy of dog hair to break in their new sofa as they don't have any pets.  My mom glued it to a card and made a dog hair panda bear  and returned it to me in my next package.  I guess the apple didn't fall far from the tree.)

I love getting the boxes.  I never know what "surprise" lurks inside, but I know that whatever it is will make me smile.

                                        Happy Summer and happy corner-viewing!


  1. What cool gifts! I like yours and your mom 's sense of humor. :>)
    Cute mugs. Keep some cards with her writing on them, they will be especially precious in the distant future(hopefully VERY distant).

  2. What a creative and loving family you have! I loved the post.

  3. this is so nice! what a beautiful and fun way to bridge the distance!

  4. Your family package/gifts make me smile!! Great to have such a fun mom who must surely have encouraged you to be the loving creative fun person that you are:))Sounds like along with the packages their loving parenting continues to be a wonderful gift too ♡

  5. Gifts are links too!!! I do the same with my parents ;)

  6. Oh, I love the parcel thing and how it keeps both sides happy and smiling! I can totally see myself doing this when the little Tops move out in a decade or so.


    PS Thank you for your kind comment regarding the story! I'm not sure there will ever be any official publication. For now, I just concentrate on the fun there is to be had in writing, improving my English, gaining some momentum.

  7. wow nice gift to get from your parents!!
    at that point they really come for a moment in your house!