Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Corner View - Inner Child

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My inner child is more of an "outer" child.  Here's what I am working on now.  Note that the pattern says it "will jazz up a child's nursery."  However, I am making it for ME.

Happy corner-viewing!  And happy Summer!

I'll see you all in the Fall.

p.s. I got an A in my first class.  I guess there's still some hope for me, yet :-)


  1. Congrats on the A! You and I seem to think alike on some things. My inner-child is an outer-expression(made-up word) too.:>)
    That owl is soooo cool!

  2. how cute - owls are ageless!
    happy stitching!

  3. A great A for a wonderful inner child... and a nice work :)

  4. what a hoot!!
    nice way to be in contact with your inner child!

  5. Why miss nice and colorful decoration when we are an adult? I have lots of objects or decoration for children around me too ;) Good work.

  6. Hoooo-ray for your Outer (and OW-ter,)

  7. well done! such an evenly stitch! you may have met your soul mate in cross stitch!!! n♥

  8. it looks awesome - and colorful!!