Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Corner View - Meeting and Parting

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One of my favorite things about traveling is meeting new people.  Our tour guides in Thailand and Cambodia were so warm and welcoming.  After meeting them and spending so much time with them, parting was very sad!

Meet Wanna - our guide in and around Bangkok.

Meet Star - our guide in and around Northern Thailand.

And last, but not least, Seiha - our guide in Cambodia.  (I took "better" photos of him, but had my camera on "video" by mistake - oops!)

                Happy corner-viewing!


  1. They have such beautiful smiles. I wonder if they get used to meeting and parting..if they are sad at a parting, they need to get the smile back quickly for the next people, so maybe are able to always find quickly again their smile and joy!!♡

  2. How great to meet people who help us navigate unknown territory. I have to admit I want to pick up all the debris in the photo of Cambodia or are those rocks? Just curious.

    1. I loved Cambodia, but there was trash everywhere. I actually made a note in my travel log to look into starting an initiative to clean up Cambodia. The photo is of us returning from a floating village. When we were on the floating general store, our guide pointed to an almost full trash can and said that when it was full, it would be dumped in the Tonle Sap River as there is no garbage removal :-(

  3. I am amazed at all your travel. Such fun! I always love the shopping other countries offer too...I see much in your photo that I like :)

  4. They are indeed beautiful meetings!

  5. local guides and insiders can make the experience of a new country truly memorable.