Wednesday, February 22, 2012

CV - Market

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When you feed as many animals as I do, three dogs and three cats, this is the type of market you visit most.


  1. I have a cat and two gerbils, were we got the Gerbils, they used to have all kind of animals in the shop, just walking around! There was a giant space for a slow lizzard, they use to had parrots without a cage, you were allowed to pet the pets! Used to yes....not any more...they were not allowed to that anymore! Do you have that too?

    1. Sometimes they have bunnies and birds you can pet, but not last night as there was a dog training class in progress. Of course, I didn't know this at first and was wondering why there were signs in the dog food section that read "sit" and "stand with dog to the left." Really confused me until I realised what was going on!

  2. been there done that! i have my club member plastic hung on my key ring! although i do also like to frequent the guy so conveniently located down my hill.

  3. That's convenient! I remember when as a teenager, I used to make the food for my (one) cat from scratch (she loved cooked beef lungs - they smelled awful! I don't think I've seen them sold in the grocery stores in ages). Now I just buy cat food :)

  4. Yes, I can imagine you're a good customer of this store :)

  5. I've recently become the mother to a lovely grey bunny rabbit, and thus have become a frequent shopper in Petco as well as our local, independent, pet food store. It's a whole new world :)

  6. Great use of your money, though.

  7. Dear Heather, You are very lucky that In your country you have some big markets about pets. But In Turkey only one or two small shops and I never find whatever I am looking for. So I usually buy my pets' food and the other requirements from web. You are also lucky that you have dogs and cats. I like these kind of life... Best days for you for your family and also your lovelies....

  8. three plus three makes six.
    that much maths i fathom.
    holy smokes... ;)))

  9. You're such a good "mother"!