Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Winter never seemed to make it here this year.  I've not planted anything, yet, I as kept waiting for winter to show.   However, I think I can now officially announce that Spring has arrived in Orlando!  Here are some photos from lunch today when I took the opportunity to escape the climate-controlled office and walk down to Lake Eola.

A swan and her ibis friends...

This poor ibis thought we had some food for him, but sadly, we didn't :-(

Geese and swans living in harmony...

My walking buddy, Suzanne - I took this one to show how big the swans are.

A nesting mama swan...

The best shot I could get of her babies... they were very cute, but hard to shoot!

Mallard ducklings...

A couple of office shots before we left - Here's Dianna and Virginia mugging in front of the general...

 Here's Steffanie manning the front desk. 

No lake tomorrow as we are taking Steff out for her birthday.  We are lunching at Terrace 390.  If you followed the Casey Anthony trial, it was a favorite of sleazy Jose Baez and the Anthonys.  Hopefully, they won't be there tomorrow or the next photo I post may be my mug shot!


  1. Orlando seems like a pretty nice town to live in!


  2. Spring can never come early enough for me. Enjoy the birthday lunch!