Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Corner View - Monument

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Saturday was the annual 5k to benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation.  The event is held on the campus of the University of Central Florida ("UCF").  Their athletic teams are the 'Knights.'  Here is a monument we passed on the walk.  (Okay, technically it's just a statue, but why split hairs??)

Here are some more photos from the walk:

This is one of the bands who were set up sporadically throughout the course to entertain the walkers and runners.

The UCF mascot.

And, being the mature middle-aged women that we are... we couldn't pass the giant noses without taking a booger shot!


  1. Someone should create a monument to honor the booger shot!

  2. of course!!!!! i couldn't think of any monuments to post about here in l.a. if i were a sportier person.....well it might have been another story!

    hmmmmm i do think though that a giant nose could serve as a monument to something!


  3. The nose would be a great monument, too! Even if I don't know yet for what. ;o)

  4. LOVE Mlle Paradis comment about a monument to hayfever - we should all build daily monuments to good sense of humor! :)

  5. Definitely the nose wins the prize for best monument.
    My son once stuck a piece of parsley up the nose of a Buddha statue in the lobby of a restaurant (and of course I photographed it)

  6. Looks like a fun walk. I agree with Elizabeth: the monumental nose wins.

  7. Having seen teenagers pick their nose in class and know I can't just yell out "Stop!" like I could "Wake up!" if they were sleeping, my vote goes to the knight on horse. I like the detail put into it and the colors in the foundation. Pretty snazzy! Looks like a fun day!:>)

  8. That's what you don't find in the Netherlands: silly big whoppers or noses or any of those monumentally funny enlarged objects.

    Wait, we do have the big plastic turd - made by a well-known artist. Well, that's the Dutch sense of humour in a nutshell.

    Great take on the theme!


  9. wow ... what a monument that booger ;)

  10. i find that nose to be quite the monumental attraction indeed! ;)))

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