Sunday, March 18, 2012

St. Patrick's Day at Leu Gardens

The local botanical garden, Leu Gardens, had it's annual plant sale yesterday.  It was a beautiful day to be in the gardens looking at all of the wonderful plants being offered.

Our carts full of goodies.

My favorite purchase of the day - lavender.

In honor of St. Patrick's day, after the plant sale, we treated ourselves to some vegan Irish Strew and port.

The view from our table.

Every day should be like yesterday!


  1. Isn't it lucky that port is in the vegan category? :)
    This is my favorite time of year, I'm also going to expand our lavender area, I just need hubby to remove some ancient and useless (and heavy) grapevine poles for me first ... he promised he'd do it LAST year, hopefully this year he'll be able to get to it!
    Happy spring!

    1. Lavender's hard to grow here because of the climate, but I try again and again as I love it. The man I bought it from suggested that I put in in the planter so it can be moved. So, I am trying a new strategy. Fingers crossed!

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