Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Homecoming - Days 2 and 3

The second day of my vacation was a little more relaxed.  I slept in and when I wandered downstairs, there was a fresh pot of coffee waiting. (That never happens here as I live alone.)  It was the first day of school for Susan's girls, so, classy dame that I am, I wrapped a blanket around my jammies and rode to school with them and then went back to Susan's with her for some more coffee and a lazy morning. 
Later, I met my niece, Devon, for lunch.  She just moved to Memphis last December and we had a nice little visit.  She's my youngest niece and she just turned 21... makes me feel old!

We ate at Buckley's, which is owned by a girl I went to high school with and her husband.  There are several locations and if you're ever in Memphis, I highly recommend their black bean burger

That night, we met up with some high school friends for drinks and dinner at Elfo's.  (Sherry, me, Kathy, Leslie and Susan)

My parents were alseo in town visiting and I met them for breakfast at their hotel and then we went exploring.  My parents owned six acres just outsides of Memphis.  They bought it with the intention of building on it.  Ten years later, we moved and they sold the still vacant property, which is still vacant today.  Here's my Dad trespassing (my idea) on the property.  He's pointing at the area we (okay me) named "Heather's Point," which is just a small bit of land that jets out into the lake.

Heather's Point.
After a late Greek lunch at the wonderful Jim's Place on the corner of Poplar and Perkins, I headed back to Susan's for our evening "date" - Duran Duran!  (And John Taylor is still yummy!)



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  1. Now, how come i live with 4 people, and yet I'm always the one making the coffee?! My niece turned 21 in May, but then I have a nephew who's only 1, yrt I do feel old in both cases.