Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Homecoming - Days 6 and 7

Susan took off work Monday and we spent the day sightseeing.  We had breakfast at this quaint restaurant in Collierville.  And then lunch was at a popular Memphis "dive":

Complete with Elvis-covered walls...

... and Elvis menu...

After bumming around, we went back to her house and had a big Mexican fiesta dinner with her girls.
The next day was my last day of vacation.   We took the girls to school and then had our last meal together before Susan headed to work and I headed to the zoo.

My friend, Amber, is a zookeeper at the Memphis Zoo. 

She works in the Animals of the Night pavilion.
She introduced me to some of her friends, including an aardvark... to get into his enclosure, I had to climb up a three foot wall.  Amber was not surprised that I did it - even in a dress - after all, we used to climb trees together.
He liked my stinky feet.  (I left with aardvark slobber in my shoes.)

A wombat....
A very sweet rat...

An armadillo....
A hedgehog....

And for a parting gift, some porcupine quills...

After I left the zoo, I swung by Graceland.   When Elvis was alive, every time we had guests from out of town, we would take them to Graceland and stand outside those gates (closed, of course, at the time)  for hours.  We never saw Elvis though :-(  At one point, there was a rock garden outside the gates.  Over twenty years later when my parents were cleaning my grandmother's house, they found a bag of "Elvis rocks" in her freezer.

When I got home, I discovered that the neighbor girls had missed me. (The dogs did not.  I think the pet sitter spoiled them!)


  1. what's on the elvis menu? sorry about the shoe, but nice "souvenir"! :)

    1. You would think grits and fried banana sandwiches, wouldn't you? But pizza is the main dish.