Monday, October 8, 2012

Julie & Julia Self-Challenge - Week 5

Okay... confession time... this the second week out of five that I have not met my own challenge.  However, I have a valid excuse this week.  Sunday was the 7th Annual Poker Run to benefit my favorite charity, Back to Nature Wildlife Refuge.  It is the annual event that I have co-chaired for 6 of the 7 years.  (I took year 3 or 4 off, I can't remember which.)  I spent all night Friday and all day Saturday preparing promotional material and t-shirts for the event.

I also made a basket of my cards from my etsy shop for the raffle.  As it was a biker event, I used a skull-themed bandanna that I found in St. Augustine to cover up the flowers on the basket and to make a drawstring bag for the cards.  I found the skull toggles at the online auction site, Tophatters, which is new find that is proving to be quite an expensive find as well.  Good deals are only good deals if you limit yourself...
Sunday, I was up at 4:30am for the event.  Good news - it was a huge success and we made a lot of money for a  great cause.

So, this next weekend, I will make it up to "myself" and my "self-challenge" and make the next two items in the cookbook.

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  1. Yes, good deals ... I always buy too many cheap fabric remainders ... :)