Saturday, November 3, 2012

Another week...

Well, another bad week at work, but I was expecting it.  The next 1-2 will be rough as well...  However, work is not life and luckily my friends have rallied and are helping to keep my spirits up.  Friday night was the season opener for the Orlando Magic.  My friend, Aly, won tickets and treated me.  We went out for curry and then hit the little kiosks outside the arena before the game.  Being the mature, sophisticated, middle-aged women that we are... we had to get our faces painted and have goofy photos made.  The cherry on the top of the fun sundae?  The Magic won - 102 to 89!

Today, a group of us went to a pottery shop where we painted a piece of pre-made pottery and got to make a bowl on the pottery wheel.  I find that doing something creative is a wonderful de-stresser.  And I'd never used a potter's wheel before - it was a lot of fun!  I can't wait to try it again.  (On the way home, I was thinking about buying one and where I'd put it... not the brightest thing to think when one is worried about being out of a job, is it??) 

After we created our works of art, we went to lunch and gabbed.  Later, I met another friend for a movie, we saw Argo.  It's wonderful.  Even though you know how it ends, you are on the edge of your seat for most of the movie.  Well done altogether.
I am trying to stay positive and realise that I am lucky to have such a good support system - that is what I need to focus on.  After all, I can't control the negative, I can only control how I respond to it.  Of course, it sounds easier than it is and I won't lie, I am dreading Monday. 
Nonetheless, I have all day tomorrow to enjoy and enjoy it I will! 


  1. sorry about the job worries, Heather. but do continue throwing pots at the shop (and who knows, you may eventually find a second hand potter's wheel!) - crafting, creativity and making things by hand in general are very good therapy when times get a little tough.
    hope Monday brings good news.

    1. Thank you! And perhaps I could turn my garage into a pottery. Wouldn't that be fun?!