Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Corner View - Energy

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Energy in a mug... especially useful this time of year.
Happy Corner Viewing!


  1. I need a cup of coffee in the morning - very much - then I have some energy. But not as much as once a year at the mountain. :D

  2. ha ha. i like it! energy in a mug ... coffee, i assume!

  3. it must be coffee :D

  4. i'm having mine right now. trouble is, i need two mugs to have enough energy :)

  5. haha! great minds think ALIKE!!!! :)

  6. I like the little `add caption` left there, I tried to think of something clever to add, but your energy corner seems to be perfect as it is!! I love that its Francesca`s CV on the screen (I think?!) and the feeling of the energy that connects all our corners. The coffee helps me too!
    Your mug is so pretty, and I like the moon scratch on the table;))

    1. I had not had my coffee, yet, and totally missed the "add caption" before I posted and then was too tired to bother :-) And, yes, that is Francesca's blog on the computer!

  7. i know what you mean. i have a couple of cups a day!!

  8. Ha! coffee.
    hilariously hideously high.
    i'm just trying out h-sses.
    catch it?
    we'll get to the "h" at one stage, HHHHHeather.

  9. I often sit like that too behind a laptop, with a mug!!
    have a fun weekend!

  10. Yes it is :) and a beautiful one!

  11. Ha ha! Liquid energy is the best! :)