Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Julie and Julia Challenge

This week, once again, I did not follow the challenge "rules" and make something from 125 book.  On Friday, I went to a fabulous raw food restaurant in Winter Park, Cafe 118 Degrees.  Inspired, I pulled out my raw cookbook, Going Raw by Juditha Wignall and finally made the Green Energy Soup that I've been meaning to make for months now.  I promise it won't be months before I make it again  It's wonderful!  I took it to work yesterday and today for lunch. (And ate it on the deck outside as the weather has been beautiful.)  It's filling and really does give you more energy.


  1. Yum... a kind of little pleasure ;)

  2. I was on a raw food (vegetarian) diet for a while, back in teh prehistory of health foods, when it was so hard to find ingredients. I learned a lot back then, and I still prefer my vegetables raw.