Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Corner View - Iconic

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Okay, I cheated as I don't have any photos of him and was too lazy to drive to Disney World to get a photo... Anyhow, below is Orlando's most "iconic" resident.

A special "hello" to the Four (Flow) Tops and GE Light.  I can't comment on your blogs, but I try EVERY week :-)

ps  Please keep those fingers and toes crossed re the new job.  I should know something by the end of the week.

pps If anyone with a google blog can tell me how to respond to comments, I would be grateful.


  1. The most famous mouse ever. Since I moved away from Florida haven't been to WDW in years; doubt I'd recognize the area what with all the new theme parks. I actually visited there before t opened when there was a vistor center with a big pane glass window etched with where the lake/Cinderella's castle and the Contemporary Hotel would be. I'll look into the unable t comment issue on my end.

  2. A happy icon! Good luck on the job. xo

  3. oh yes he is a very famous mouse indeed.
    good luck with the job.

  4. He's a resident here too, on our toaster, from where he cheerfully greets me every morning! :)
    I've seen google bloggers use "intense debate" on their blogs - I don't know much about it, but I can put you in touch with bloggers who use it.

  5. oh? so the tights may have worked, huh? i'm wishing it ya!!
    mickey.... of course....
    actually, those green bits i was showing...? in the header are a set of green mickey's ears, did you notice? ha ha ha...

  6. so cool :D
    and good luck on the job.

  7. Oh Mickey, yes good choice! I hope it will be okay for the job ;)

  8. Ahhh, good ol' Mickey Mouse! Where would America be without Mickey and his friends at Disney? I remember watching The Mickey Mouse Club back in the early 60s---talk about opening up a whole new world to a small town preacher's kid!
    This was a great choice!
    I'm not sure what your problem is with the blog commenting--you weren't specific. I have blogspot and I can comment on those blogs. What is happening when you try? What comes up on your screen?

  9. Nice and funny choice! And fingers crossed ;)

    ps : I don't know...

  10. Hi Heather,

    Mickey is the worlds First Mouse, he is!

    I've changed the commenting settings to Accepting from every user (even anonymous ones). See if that helps. (Might turn it off again if I get a lot of spam, though).

    Nicki (Top2)