Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Corner View - Silly

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This week I over-compensated for cheating last week by using clip art. 
Silly things I love in Orlando:
"The General" - a 7' statue in our office:   He doesn't look particularly silly here, but he is our office mascot and we dress him up for holidays.  Last Halloween, he was Raggedy Ann.  (I wish I had a photo of that - the red braids suited him.)  He is Santa Claus every year and was a leprechaun last year for St. Paddy's Day.

The bronze alligators outside the Orange County Regional History Center:  I just adore these guys. I often have a picnic lunch at this park.  There are several statues. Each is unique and quite detailed and just plain fun.


The swan paddle boats on Lake Eola in downtown Orlando:  They are just so silly, but don't they make you smile?
My Bunco Group:  A wonderfully silly group - we get together once a month to play Bunco, gossip and eat.  (We do more of the latter two than then first one.)  Each month the host (there are 12 of us so we each host once a year) picks a theme and we dress up.  This was mine last year when it was Halloween.  (Didn't really need a theme for that one, I got off easy!)  We play this Friday and the theme is the 80s.  Bring on the big hair!

Here are some personal silly things I love:

My pig statue with the bird legs.

My pink, fuzzy, striped socks... hmm, when I see them paired with my monkey pants, I know why I'm single :-)

My lady bug lamp.


  1. I'm single too, and also wear thick socks with colorful colorful pajama pants. That is - I think - a sign. :):):)

  2. I love the General. He looks so serious how can you not dress him up?

  3. Oh honey, I'm not single and wear the same things! :) I love the gent in your office how fun to have a big girl's Ken doll to dress. xo

  4. I think we should import the swan puddle boats and have them here on the Mediterranean!

  5. :)))
    loving the silly swans though!

  6. I like your 'silly' collection!
    Silly does make life fun!
    :)) Happy week to you:)

  7. ohhh, i especially like the idea of looking forward to big 80's hair! break out the comb! great theme this week, heather. xoxo

  8. nice collection :)
    your socks look very nice and warm.

  9. Yeah, I love the silly swan boats, too! Reminds me of the black swan that fell in love with such a white swan boat here in Germany...for at least two years it was one of the greatest love stories over here! ;o)

  10. Your 'sillies' are wonderful! I love the general - so much fun! And your Bunco nights sound fabulous. I'm not sure what Bunco is - but the eating and the socialising sounds good!!

  11. You've captured the essence of silliness perfectly - and demonstrated why silliness is a MUST in everybodies life.

    (I have teddybear PJ's, and worn old socks I knitted back in the days when I actually... knitted. And still not single. What am I doing wrong ;-))


  12. so funny heather! you comment my post regarding your name - while i find myself in the name of your blog ---- oak = alon(in hebrew).
    have a wonderful weekend!
    tami alon

  13. Lovely silly things... And nice band. I can see the smiles and it's great!