Wednesday, September 28, 2011

CV - Music

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One of my favorite places to relax is the patio.  One of the things that makes it so relaxing is the gentle music of the windchimes.


  1. it looks like a peaceful place ... I wish we had a patio ...

  2. I love imagining the sound of our windchimes whilst looking at those lovely face chairs!


  3. This weeks topic is great. Now I've read about wine-making music, geese-flying-by music and now windchime music.
    I have a lot of the lattter in my garden, love them but never thought of music.

  4. I imagine from the picture that this place must be quite relaxing! The chairs are beautiful! Remember me to Picasso's paintings!

  5. that lookslike a great place to be...with the sound of the windthing too!!

  6. I love windchimes, but haven't found the right one (that fits my budget) yet. I had a beautiful angel one given to me by a friend, but it got broken years ago.
    Your chairs are totally awesome! Wow---what fun to walk out to chairs looking back at me!:>)