Wednesday, October 5, 2011

CV - The last thing I learned...

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Technically, the last thing I learned, I learned yesterday evening as I pulled out of the office parking garage.  I learned that one should not swear at the other drivers AFTER one has dialed one's cell phone.  I was calling a woman I'd never met before to give my regrets for a baby shower for a friend's daughter.  (A nice event held by nice people, right?) I didn't hear her answer and as soon as I finished verbally abusing the cars blocking the intersection, I heard this faint voice on the other line, "Excuse me?"  (If she were a "Corner viewer" she could say that she learned many new colorful words Tuesday.)

However, that is not my corner view post... I belong to an organic gardening group.  Once a month we have educational meetings at Leu Gardens.   Our September meeting was on seed propagation.  As this is a humid area, one of the speakers recommended placing one of these in the bag with the seeds to keep them dry:

I suppose it's pretty obvious really, but it never occurred to me.  And these come in everything from vitamin bottles to shoe boxes.

I also learned that Parker does not mind wearing the "senior dog" diaper I bought yesterday:

He is such a trooper!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Fabulous! You have learned heaps this week! Your description of your inadvertent swearing in front of the lovely baby shower woman made me laugh! And I love the pic of your dog wearing his 'senior dog' diaper. The indignities of growing older!

  2. oh my ... that is hilarious but i can totally see how it would happen !!

    i've never heard of a senior dog diaper ! wow ... i've learned something new too !!

    here's my corner view ...

  3. what a brilliant use for those packages! Parker is indeed a trooper.

  4. I always threw those packets out because I didn't wants children or pets to get them. I'll save them from now on.

  5. Oh, well, you not only learnt, but also taght me about dog's diapers!

  6. I did chuckle! I always do a journal prompt about first impressions and this year the freshmen read a great little story about mistaken first impressions and how not to jump to conclusions. Should I send the lady the story? :>)
    I've wondered about those diapers. Tasha could have used one, but I guess I really didn't know much about them. (Tasha has been gone 5 years now.)
    I'm glad they're working out for your darling dog.
    I enjoyed your comment about the tatoo. At first I just stared in disbelief. I mean, honestly she was sitting just a few feet from me, showing her 'other set of eyes' for the whole world---and ---I was eating supper! LOL now.

  7. I've never heard of a senior dog diaper too. How many dogs do you have?

    Happy thursday!

  8. what a good idea about those packages :)

  9. Clever you on Parkers solution, and human you on the swearing!


  10. you are something else, heather... and a great learner, it seems. ;)))

  11. it is nice that you are learning great things last week! i'm happy that your beloved dog dose not mind his 'dapier'....!